Figure 1: Description of the Experimental Groups

(A) A schematic representation of the experimental protocols. Infarction was produced with 45 min of endovascular coronary occlusion. Treatment began at reperfusion in the control, P188, and PEG groups with intracoronary (IC) infusion of saline (1.7 ml/kg), P188 (250 mg/kg), or PEG (250 mg/kg), respectively, over 30 min. The delayed P188 group received intravenous (IV) P188 infusion (250 mg/kg) beginning 30 min after reperfusion began. All groups received an intravenous maintenance infusion of the respective therapy (1.7 ml/kg saline control or 250 mg/kg for all others) lasting 3 h. Hearts were harvested at 4 h post-reperfusion for further analysis. (B) The sample size is shown for each treatment group as divided into the mitochondrial and infarct size analysis groups.