Figure 1: CM CD47 Levels in Human Hearts and After Murine Experimental MI

(A) Human myocardial samples after autopsy were assessed for pathological evidence of myocardial infarction (MI) as described in Materials and Methods. MI and non-MI sections were stained with antibodies against CD47 (red) and CM-marker alpha-actinin (green). Representative images are shown. Scale bar is 50 μm. (B) Quantitation of human CD47 fluorescent signal intensity from (A) in non-MI versus MI specimens. N = 10 per group. p = 0.03 between groups. (C) Mouse myocardial samples were stained with antibodies against CD47 (red from Abcam ab175388), alpha-actinin (blue from Abcam ab9465), and fibroblast marker vimentin (green from Abcam ab11256). MERGE is of red CD47 and green vimentin (green). Scale bar is 100 μm. (D) Quantitation of mouse CD47 fluorescent signal intensity that colocalized with cardiac fibroblasts (vimentin) versus that which colocalized with cardiomyocytes (alpha-actinin). n = 10 per group. p = 0.009 between groups. (E) Relative gene expression of CD47 after laser capture microdissection of ischemic areas at risk (AAR) versus remote (outside the AAR) myocardium. The number of animals is 8 per group. p = 0.04. I/R= ischemia/reperfusion.



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