Figure 1: AnkG Expression Is Reduced in Human HF

N-cadherin (green) and AnkG staining (red) in the left ventricle of (A) non-failing human heart, as well as hearts from individuals with (B) ischemic HF and (C) nonischemic HF. In A, arrows note strong localization of AnkG at the intercalated disc. In B and C, asterisks denote AnkG loss. Nuclei are visualized in blue (bar = 10 μm). Immunoblot analysis demonstrates a decrease in total AnkG expression in (D) ischemic and (E) nonischemic heart failure compared with nonfailing hearts (n = 3 NF; n = 5 IHF; n = 5 NIHF; p < 0.05). AnkG = ankyrin-G; HF = heart failure; IHF = ischemic heart failure; NF = nonfailing; NIHF = nonischemic heart failure.



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