Figure 11: PP2Ce Expression Promotes Myocytes Death and Perturbs Prosurvival Signaling Following Oxidative Injury

(A) NRVM viability measured by MTT assay in NRVM expressing GFP or PP2Ce following H2O2 treatment for 16 h at different doses as indicated. Replicate number is labeled in each corresponding column. (B) NRVM viability expressing GFP (n = 8) or PP2Ce (n = 8) under untreated or following 24 h of treatment of 2 μmol/l ionomycin. (C) Immunoblot analysis of intracellular signaling molecules as indicated in NRVM-expressing GFP or PP2Ce with 50 μmol/l H2O2 treatment at different time points as indicated. Tunicamycin (5 μg/ml for 4 h) was used as a control. (D) Quantification of signaling molecules as indicated with independent experimental replicate number labeled in each column. **p < 0.01 versus untreated. ##p < 0.01 between GFP and PP2Ce groups at same doses. Abbreviations as in Figures 2, 3, and 4.



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