Figure 4: Prolonged PF-1355 Treatment Improves Cardiac Function and Remodeling

Infarcted mice were divided into 3 groups: untreated (MI-no Tx, n = 6), treated for 21 days (MI-21 days Tx, n = 5), and treated for first 7 days only and then treatment stopped until day 21 for imaging (MI-7 days Tx, n = 8). (A to C) Representative midventricular magnetic resonance images obtained at day 21 after MI. Videos obtained from the same mice at day 2 and day 21 are shown in the Supplemental Video 1. (D) There is significant improvement in ejection fraction (EF) in the 21-day treatment group as compared with untreated infarcts; however, the 7-day treatment group did not show significant improvement. (E) Bar graphs representing end-diastolic volume (EDV). (F) Left ventricular mass is less in the 21-day treatment group representing decreased remote myocardial hypertrophy and improved remodeling. Data plotted as mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05; ***p < 0.001. MI = myocardial infarction; Tx = treatment.